Main application
  • Mixer
  • Fittings
  • Filter
  • Piston- and centri-fugal Pumps
  • Slow rotating or pressure loaded shafts
  • Evenly Distribuling pressure
  • Preventing leakage
  • No adjusting
  • High cross seclion density
  • Special lmpregnation prevents the hardening of the packing
  • Resilient against wastewater, abrasive media, steam, oil, fats, gas, acid, brine, and solvents
  • Don·t use with strong oxidizing media
Suitable for
  • Chemical- and Sugar industry
  • Pulb- and Paper industry
  • Wastewater industry
Form of delivery
  • This packing can be manufactured from 10 to 40 mm squares as well as in intermediate, inch size and special measurements.